Early beginning: exactly 36 years ago way back in 1982 the foundation was laid by Moulana Abdul Hassan Nadvi in 1982 and the school inaugurated on 15th August 1982 by Nawab Mir Akbar Ali Khan, Ex-Governor of UP. The school saw its inception in the new building inangurated by ex President of India. Dr.Shankar Dayal Sharma ever since then there has been no looking back. The school has grown from strength to strength.

The tiny sapling sown in 1982 has branced off into a huge tree which has played a pivotal role in setting up the best standards in education to the muslim minority in particular with its gates open to all other communities as well . Institutions cannot rise to the required standard and status unless backed by strong determination and will M.P.S. after all was not built over night! From a humble beginning it has made many tremendous strides over the years under the inspiration of one selfless and dedicated visionary whose unrelenting efforts alone becames the source of sustenance and growth.

The enormous response and demand for good education in the twin cities led to the origin of MPS to cater to the muslim minority in particular but keeping its doors open to all other communities as well . Islamic value and ethics are an integral part of our curriculum in accordance with the parents desire . Our aim is to impart Quality Education and bringing excellence in Education, Where students are privileged to develop into strong personalities and become leaders in different disciplines in the changing global scenario .The school aims at Intellectual development through academic excellence preparing children to develop into successful adults through right education.

The foundation of the school building was laid by the renowned Islamic Scholar Moulana Abdul Hasan Ali Nadvi on 15 th August 1982 . The new building was inaugurated by president Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma . The school has grown exponentially setting new milestones and enabling us to establish a string of quality institutions.

At M. P. S. the emphasis is not simply education but a meaningful and purposeful education, catering to the needs of the present society, which is the need of the hour. It is worth reiterating that the time has come when education has to act as a powerful institution for social transformation. Our aim is to involve all the important components of education and to make this process a successful one. The involvement of the parents is very necessary for this. And for this reason every year we award the best parents award depending upon their involvement. School celebrates all the national festivals with utmost reverence by hoisting the national flag and presenting the national anthem every Saturday in the assembly. The school gradually has become the cynosure of all eyes standing tall in par with other missionary and corporate schools in the twin cities and reached its peak of success when the students started achieving 100% results with all first classes batch after batch for the last thirty Four years which very few schools can boast off. Thereare very few schools that have the privilege of having completed 34 years of Golorious Success. Madina Public School comes under those splendid educational institutions that have honoured the past glory with a grand series of innovative events and activities encompassing the school with all sections of community.

From the admission policy of taking in students of all castes/creed to the daily schedule of the school including the much discussed question in the society today competitiveness —we have it all spelt out.


To impart world class education that shall foster academic excellence along with physical fitness. To inculcate in each MPS student Psychological and spiritual health, social consciousness, self discipline and concern for the environment through our own systems and practices.

Facilitate and catalyze true learning for developing an equipoise individual with civic sense and social responsibility. We empower the young minds with discovery and realization of their dreams and goals. Design the course to think positively , act reflect and adapt responsibility.


Is to make our educational establishment an innovative center of learning where teachers collaborate with students in developing pedagogical applications. To adopt a holistic approach to the growth and development of the students learning and lay the foundation for continual pursuit of knowledge and skills, respect for learning and a desire to be a lifelong learner.


  • To provide learning environment and challenging opportunities to discover and explore.
  • To provide students the opportunity to use current educational technology to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills across the curriculum.
  • To foster creativity, encourage higher-order thinking, and motivate students to learn by advocating and providing for appropriate use of educational technology.
  • To inspire each student to reach his or her potential level of achievement in a school where voluntary self-discipline and self-respect are guidelines for behaviors.
  • To improve confidence and self-esteem of the students.
  • To build-up skills for cooperation, and nature team work.
  • To adapt to changes and learn to overcome challenges with a positive attitude.
  • To enhance effective communication.
  • To develop student assessment and Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation in every quarter.
  • To stimulate the interests of the students by illustrating material to be covered in subsequent years and to bring all the students to a similar level of knowledge independently