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The school sets and maintains high expectation of discipline, achievement and progress instilling in each individual the qualities of good citizenship dignity and concern for others.

We care for your child : Each student is paid individual attention based upon his/her needs which enables a smooth transition of the child from primary to secondary to high school.

We keep you informed : Parents will receive reports regularly throughout the year with an assessment of the child’s performance in class, behavior efforts, home assignments and also the suggestion of the teachers to help improve the same viadaily diary circulars & SMS.

We are always available for you : Regular parent-Teacher Meetings are conducted to ensure proper interaction between the teachers & Parents where both can review and discuss the Child’s progress for their mutual benefit.

We maintain the highest stands in education : The school provides the best technology and facilities to ensure a holistic learning environment.

We encourage the students : Children can only succeed if they pursue their dreams . We salute the spirit of competition by awarding Gold / Silver medals and cash awards for academic excellence.

All India Civil Services — Rs. 1,00,000

Group / State Services — Rs. 50,000

IIT, IIM, IES — Rs. 25,000

GPA 10 / 10 in SSC Boards / CBSE Exams — Rs. 10,000