Nursery and LKG Annual Sports Competition

Nursery and LKG Annual Sports Competition

26th October 2018

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body but it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”.

Madina Public School (Per-primary Wing) was delighted to host An Annual Sports Competition held on Friday the 26 th October 2018, in our school premises. Sports and games play an important role in a Child’s life. It helps the children to explore their hidden sports interests as they enjoy a healthy competition with each other. More than the physical activity, such events help children to build confidence and social skills and also teach them the benefits of goal-setting and practice. Toddlers of Nursery and LKG participated in games like pick n drop Race and Musical Chairs.

Musical Chairs – Musical Chairs has many benefits for young children. First and foremost, the game involves sound and movement. Their brain is stimulated and listening skills are developed. Musical Chairs is a social activity, which gives young children the opportunity to build social skills. The group game is a shared experience, bringing children together. Through play, children learn about empathy, how others would feel when winning or losing.

Pick ‘N’ Drop Race – It’s an exciting race game for child to pick the objects and drop it to its destination. It helps the child to develop gross motor skills, presence of mind and aim for the goal. There was great excitement in the air as children navigated the races. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm among them. The Sports Meet concluded with announcing the winner’s names. It was a fun-filled day which came to an end with sweet and winning smiles on their faces.”