Teachers Day 2019

Teachers Day 2019

Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit.*

Be it the cheerful echoes of “Surprise!” from multiple corridors of the school building, or the dramatic showering of petals and glitteratis upon the teachers… collection of piles and piles of lovely handmade cards and flowers from the super enthusiastic little ones, or the noisy hullabaloo made by the students, all this amounted to a smashing success of the *Teachers’ Day* celebration held on Thursday the 5th of September.

The teachers too stepped down their pedestals of tough task masters, shed their masks of fabricated sternness…. and gave way to more relaxed, breezy conversations with the kids.

There was no dearth of merriments: with the Pre-primary wing leading the way, followed by the rocking performances of the Primary wing, and ending it in style with the upbeat items by High school.

While we were busy striving to be the mentors of their heart and soul, we blissfully remained oblivious to the fact when they became one with our heart and soul.